Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ola familia tudo bem:

The work is wonderful and in this season of Christmas everything will be good. Here in Perdoes we are working here to bring soul unto heavenly father. We are having some difficulties finding people, but we are receiving a lot of references from the members here, references boas. We taught a young man yesterday who is a friend of a returned missionary, he accepted baptism and we will be teaching and working with him to baptism him in two weeks. One thing that I am working on is making those relationships of trust and friendships with investigators and with the members. As a missionary you really have to show joy and a positive attitude to inspire and lift those around, members, missionaries, investigators every one.

How did thanksgiving go, and Acea's birthday, here In brazil it does not feel like the Christmas Season, it is hot and rainy. Almost every day we have some short of rain fall and with this hot climate you can really feel the heat. I am feel like I am lacking snow but I am glad I don't have to shove for two years. I have a question are the Elders still living in our house or because of the downsizing of elders in the ward our house wasn't needed?

I have a question. I found a man here that repairs the church Buildings here near Campinas, I first ran it to him in June my first Area, and a I bumped into him again, and he said that he had a Companion whose name was Elder Hainsworth from Spokane Washington, I said I will ask a few people to see if Brother Hainsworth served in Curitiba Brazil. Could you ask him if he remembers having a companion named Elder Feliciano? That would we pretty neat if it was indeed him.

I have found out that I might be able to use Skype on Christmas Eve that Saturday to talk to you but I will make sure and let you know, can you send me anyways what I need to know to use Skype?

Love Elder Sands