Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank you for the Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have a good time with eating turkey, and the apple and pumpkin pie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACEA, FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!!!!  You will be 16 years old, and that means you can get out there into the world and date all of the righteous young women que alegria.

This past week has been great, a little difficult but great. We are starting almost from scratch, the other elders left a few good people that we are preparing to be baptized but we are slowly building up our teaching pool. The members here are wonderful, they are the most excited and helpful members that I have known on the mission, because they want to help, they want to build up the branch, we have been given many references of friends and family which helps with the integration of present converts to always stay active in the church. There is one thing that I am learning from Elder Cunha and it is to be excited, to really be excited for the work. He is always jumping with joy and shares that joy with everyone and especially with the members, the members need to be your best friend and we help them see the vision of the Branch, but with every goal we need to have faith and not doubt.

One thing I want to say but don't worry too much, we have a rat living in our house. He comes and goes through a little crevice in a door and we got a good look at him on Monday. I took a video which really shows the size; about 8 inches, just pray for us that we can kill him without any problems.

Have a good week and good thanksgiving

Tchau tchau