Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That sounds like a lot of fun, I know now what I will do when I get back home and maybe in Logan with you guys. But here in Brazil we are having a lot more fun. Today we had a Zone Churrasco (BBQ) with a lot of meat, we played some soccer (Futebol) and some game that is like doge ball but with only one ball, it was a blast.

The work here is progressing and we are doing our very best in an area that isn't the easiest area. we are needing the help of the members to find people so that we can teach, we got a reference of a family that is ready to get baptized, but the problem is that they live in the boarders of another ward but it really far away from the church building and our ward is closer and they have really good friends here and they only want to be baptized here. Everyone in the stake and been pleading to change the ward boundary's that are out of date so we have to see what happens. We are also teaching a man named Bibi who is a friend of an inactive member, he is really good and wants to get baptized and we marked his baptism for the 12 of August he just needs to wake up early to go to church and he will be good to go. The inactive member named James is helping a lot by sharing his testimony with him and giving support.

This ward is great the members are good people, and it is the first ward I have seen here in Brazil were there are a lot of returned missionaries, which helps a lot and they know what we are going through and helps us with ways we can work here and have a focus of inviting people to go to church.

Thanks for the love and support always love, hugs, and kisses from Brazil.

Elder Sands