Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The updates sounded wonderful it is great to see that everyone is doing well. But we will work even more harder so that everyone back home will receive lots of blessings.

This last week, I won't lie was tough. My companion was feeling down not baptizing his first transfer and half, we were not knowing what we could do in the small area to find more people and teach them. But on Sunday we had a miracle. We planned a last effort and punch to get the members to work with us or the area will close. What they decided to do is to do a door to door study asking them questions if they know that the true church of Christ was on the earth with a prophet and apostles will you join and other questions to gauge the interest level. They when out Sunday night in 4 groups and in 1 hour gave us 31 references only 4 streets, we are working a lot to contact and teach every one of them and we know that we will help many people to be baptized here very soon. We had interviews with President Perrotti and he helped a lot with support and words of advice that helped a lot. Elder Melo and I are going to do some great things here.

I will love to hear more from everyone por favor


Elder Sands