Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The work is getting better we were able to teach more people this week and help them prepare for baptism, but sometimes it feels that we are cutting more people than we are finding.

Yesterday I was able to go to a leadership meeting in Campinas and President Perrotti has given a new stress on reach the standard of excellence in our mission. Really by reaching this standard these goals we are able to do our part to show are sacrifice to the Lord and a way to build and maintain our teaching pool and help them be baptized. Every week here we are getting better, by finding more people, teaching them, teaching a lot more with members it is really neat. We are really focusing on getting a family of four baptized, they already have been to church several times, and what it sounds like they are wanting to be baptized but the hard thing is going and teaching them, we mark and something happens we remark a visit but something happens and they could be there, but today I have faith we will finally be able to teach them and mark there baptism.

One more thing p-day will change to Monday starting September 3 so don't forget I will be really sad if I didn't get emails that week.

Love Elder Sands