Thursday, April 16, 2009

So I think I'm going to change the structure of my emails a bit. I'll write a section that can be sent to everyone who wants it. More for you of course and then stuff at the end if I have time to answer other people's questions and such. So did you ever send anything off to anybody?

Well the MTC is great. Our half way mark was over the weekend I think. We had some great speakers at the devotionals one of which was Brother Heaton (I think that's who it was) He was the Mission President in Spokane in 94 he said I got to talk to him afterwards. Tuesday's devotional was amazing we were fortunate enough to have Elder Holland come and speak to us. What's more my zone, because we set up for all of the devotionals (I set up chairs surprise, surprise). Phil, the one that is in charge of us when we do that, told us that we had to do it perfectly and then he told us why and said we couldn't tell anyone. So our zone was really excited for the couple of hours before the devotional and all of our zone got like 5th row seats. I sang in the Choir which was awesome. We sang Redeemer of Israel, one of my favorites. His talk was so powerful and I took a ton of notes and I feel like I didn't take nearly enough. If we let it, it's one of those talks that can "change your mission" I'm trying to get a transcript of it but they don't do that often here at the MTC. It is so hard to get anything here from the devotionals.

Yesterday we got 3 inches of snow down here! Yeah my companion and most of my district loves it. Most of them have not been around much snow during their lives. I'm was not so thrilled after our snow events this year. I could live without any for a while if you know what I mean. One of the elders threw a snowball at me and missed of course to his surprise I was able to nail him several times after class on our way to our rooms. He must have forgotten that I've been around snowballs my whole life!

I'm sure that everyone has heard that my companion and I don't exactly get along. The only thing we have in common is Washington (he's from Moses Lake). We have really been having a lot of friction in our companionship. We had companionship inventory yesterday which is usually very, very tense. This time however, it was a little bit different. When we got to the part where you let each other know what you don't like about each other he was complaining about something I had gotten frustrated about. After each of those things, and we try not to interrupt each other, and then address it if we feel we need to, but after he complained about this instance, I told him the reason I was frustrated with it. It was really strange but after hearing the reason for me getting frustrated, I found myself bearing my testimony to him. Afterwards he just understood and there was this moment when the spirit was really strong and there was just understanding. Now we both just have to keep that up. With help from the Lord we can overcome any obstacles!

So I have no idea what Karyl was talking about with this "running service" I've never heard of it and I've been in that building once before and didn't see anything. I don't think it's here anymore. So I would prefer that Karyl got them because she knows what they look like and I know she'll get the right ones.

So do you have any questions for me at all? I mean seriously, I don't have a whole ton to talk about because you never send much. Come on, I have to have something to write about.

I have no idea how I'm going to get videos to you unless I send my card to Karyl or something and I don't know how that would work either. So what do you want me to do?

I don't know if I'm going to be able to call for Mother's Day, lo siento. Just because of the timing, I don't think that I can call from the MTC. So I guess maybe Christmas is the next time I'll be able to talk to all of you.

Make sure sister Jones gets a copy she writes me almost as much as you.

Love Elder Sands