Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Acea really good job with the playing but I know I don't have to tell you that you're amazing and I really miss listening to the piano!

Is Hailey already 8? Wow, tell her happy birthday for me and oh yeah when is Devin's birthday? I want to email him before that comes around so get me his email and I'll send him something. I think it was May 29 right? I don't remember.

What is the name of the young man because that is very impressive and inspiring! I hope something like that happens to Britan (sorry about the spelling).

So for my Plaque; Alma 29:10 and maybe 9 too I don't know. I think that was it but I'll check really quickly or maybe not as this computer isn't working right none of them are.

I have 30 minutes to write and think about what I'm going to say. So there's not a ton of time because I usually think a lot about what I'm going to write so I can help others. Who has written me? Well Sister Jones writes me once a week but they come about 10 days after she writes them; I don't know why. President Lee sent me Brother Steenblik's talk from a priesthood session which I really liked and part of the newsletter. I have also received letters from Ben, Devey, Ryne, and Shiloh. Karyl also writes me about once a week. And one Hermana. However, due to the daily routine, I'll explain that on Thursday and I'll devote the whole time to it, how about that.

The camera; well they're all mine. I sent like 94 pictures to Karyl on that CD. I don't know why you've only seen a few but you should tell her how to get them to you easier.

About my knee. You don't need to worry. It's doing a lot better, in fact it hasn't bothered me at all for a couple of weeks. The trainers (in the gym here speaking of which one lives in the Puget Sound area and he had a cool conversation) said go for a run to find out how it's doing. So I ran and after about a mile and a half of no pain all of the sudden it was back. Not bad, but back never the less. So I got it iced today and on p-day, so no more gym. But this is such a pain, let me tell you. Now they want me to do some stretching exercises to see if that is it, because I'm most definitely, not flexible.

This week has had some good times and some not so good times, but that is the way life is.

The Devotionals are always fantastic and the spirit is always so strong there! I really wish all of you could have been here for a lot of them. This Sunday in fact the speaker was the head of the church missionary department. He talked about what we we're sacrificing to be out here and I realized just how much I was sacrificing. I really do miss everyone! However I know that I'm doing what the Lord wants me to and I have seen countless blessings because of it.

One other thing; the Temple is the best place on earth! I love p-days only because of the temple. It brings some much joy into my life. I get really frustrated sometimes down here, with my companion, with the language, but the House of the Lord just makes all of that go away and I enjoy going there so much. Go there as often as you can. Figuratively, keep both hands on the temple and you won't go too far astray!

One funny note that a speaker on Sunday asked was who had already received a Dear John or Jane letter. There were surprisingly a lot out of the 1500 or so that are here right now.

I have no more time but I love you all and keep the spirit with you always!

Love Elder Sands