Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elder Stout and I got here the same day as did all in my district. That's how it works. The whole district comes in at the same time. All of us are going to Bahia Blanca except two which are going to Resistencia, which is the northern most part of Argentina. It's nice to have us all going to Argentina and Hermono Crane served in Buenos Aires so he has been teaching us a whole bunch of uniquely Argentine stuff like they don't say the y's or the ll's the same they say it shas or zhas depending on what part, so that's nice. We'll have the accent somewhat down. Spanish is hard, I won't lie and it doesn't help that I know the least but I'm working harder then everyone except maybe Elder Rasband but then again he doesn't have a companion like I do.

So why haven't I heard from many up there? I've had stuff from Ben, Devey, Julie Nash (wasn't expecting that one), and Sister Jones. That's it. I feel so unloved! j/k

Anything exciting happening up there? We keep on getting snowed on and then it melts as the day goes on, really annoying. I'm pretty much completely sick of snow after the winter we had. Oh and just to let you know, which I'm kind of surprised at, I'm not really home sick at all. I do miss the fact that I didn't have Elder stout around all of the time but other than that it's really great down here.

The devotionals are amazing! Some of them are really funny, but all of them are so uplifting! Unfortunately Elder Stout sleeps through all of them so he gets nothing out of them which is really frustrating and then he blames me for it because I don't let him take naps. Grrr.

O well our teachers are amazing! Hermano Crane and Hermano Herrison are both at their limit teaching here and they are really good. In fact they both give other teachers advice and stuff so we're really blessed to have them. However most in the District doesn't treat them with the respect they deserve and it really bugs me. They (our teachers) were planning yesterday and they decided to give us a lecture about being better and I was really hoping they would guilt trip us. They did something like this before but it didn't have a lasting effect on all of us, only really Elder Rasband (he's great). So I'm hoping this will help out because as soon as we get back to the residency, they all start doing stuff that takes the spirit away. It is really frustrating and then what makes it worse is that they call me a kill joy and such just because I don't want to do things that take the spirit away. O well, I guess the Lord doesn't want to make anything too easy for me here.

So where are the emails from Sebring and Acea! I want to hear about the spring trip and about Sebring's grades and how his new quarter is going! And you don't have to worry about distracting me by writing too many letters; I have plenty of time walking between classes where there is very awkward silence. So if I'm reading I don't have to deal with that, so please send stuff and ask questions too. This is nice because it forces me to think about all I've done over the past couple of weeks and I see the progress I've made with the help of the Lord which is encouraging.

Spiritual though, and this is especially for Sebring and Acea, Don't waste your time here. This is a spiritual mountain filled with everything you need to be a successful missionary. Don't mess around and let everyone know that you are here to learn as much as you can and that you won't settle for those that will take away the spirit. Also learn what you can from you're teachers. They are amazing and only the best of missionaries come back to teach here. Use them and most of all rely on the spirit. It is what you need the most!

Love you all

Elder Sands