Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I heard Elder Case got transferred. I hope his new mission is a great blessing for him.

Well anyways um I'm glad you got the CD you know I did send that last Thursday morning. What took it so long; I think Karyl is about 5 minutes away? Whatever (I should learn that word in Spanish because I realized I use it a lot).

So yes I want other people to know what is going on and the blog idea is a really good one. That is a fantastic idea. You can put some pictures and the "general" portion of my letters each week.

What were Elder Perry and President Richardson doing in our ward? I really want to know and I wish I could have been there for it!

Thank you for the shoes I'm wearing them right now actually. I like them so much more than the other ones.

Oh yeah about comp inventory yesterday it was like way bad. We were just about to kill each other! This is exactly the kind of companion Bishop Wilhelm warned me about before I left! Grrr. Oh well I am learning from him that's for sure.

I might bring my notes from Elder Holland's talk later but he essentially said don't ever leave your mission and have no regrets and I never intend to!

I heard about the crazy amount of snow that came in, that's crazy I thought it was bad here. Actually today it's really beautiful. Of course though I can't just enjoy it, it looks like I have something that sets off allergy like symptoms down here. That is annoying but it is really reminding me how much I miss Spokane right now.

The MTC is starting to lose it excitement if you know what I mean. But the devotionals are so amazing! The spirit is always so strong here all of the time. We had Elder Holland come and speak to us not too long ago. It was fantastic and he said some things that I think will really help my mission. Speaking of which, in the middle of sacrament meeting on Sunday, I got a prompting that told me about one of the things that I need to learn from Elder Stout. I have been praying for that ever since I got here really and I finally know one of the things and it wasn't the answer I was looking for. Before he was the District Leader and now he is my senior companion (we automatically switch at the half way mark here) so before, even though I was the senior companion, he overrode a lot of the stuff I was trying to do, and now the same thing. So I really need to learn patience and to do things the way my leaders say even if I don't agree with what they are doing. I have been so blessed with fantastic leaders in Spokane like Bishop Wilhelm, President Lee, President Borders, and teachers Sister Jones and the Simkins just to name a few. I miss that but I know that all of this "will work together for [my] good", if I endure it well. So let the learning begin!

To Ryne: (he sent me a letter) Thanks for the letter. It's great to hear from home!

The MTC is fantastic! The spirit is always so strong here and that is something that has helped me so much, especially with the Spanish because I don't know very much about it. Try to do everything you can to get the spirit in your life. It will be the best thing you ever do. It certainly has been that way for me! I leave the MTC in mid May so that's when I'll fly down to Argentina.

The pioneer trek was one of the best experiences of my life. Learn to love every step of that trek and you will grow, I can promise you that. With your drivers license you have to promise me that you will go to church every Sunday and that you won't have too much fun alright. hahaha just kidding.

I can't wait for the day when I can hear about your mission. I guess I'll get to talk to you once I get back. Thanks again for the letter! Please write me every so often.

Love ya

Elder Sands