Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So in response to Sebring's email, we don't use Tú form in Argentina we use vos instead for informal applications. However, we as missionaries don't use it anyways because we use usted all of the time.

My favorite talk from General Conference was Elder Holland's talk. It was fantastic and especially at the end when he asked us to never let our Savior walk alone. I was teaching three hermanas from the new district in our Zone/Branch and we were teaching them as missionaries and adapting the lesson to fit their circumstance as missionaries. While I was teaching about the atonement (it was the second lesson) I was testifying of it and I was really starting to get choked up. You know I never do that, but the spirit was so strong and I was letting them know how the atonement will help them on their mission and I realized just how much the atonement meant to me and how much it was already helping me on my mission and how much I rely on the atonement as I do my best to be an instrument in the Lord's hand, that the spirit through me can "pierce their very hearts." That's what I'm out here to do and I look forward to doing so.

If you could send out like a mass email or post that at church or something. Just a few things. I want sister Jones especially to get something every so often. She writes me once a week. She also writes her questions for me in Spanish which is really hard for me to understand still! But for her questions I think she asked how the food was, I think it is fantastic and I think she said something about gaining weight which actually I'm losing weight, yeah and I didn't think there was much to lose. Gym keeps me in shape, although I can't really run. I haven't been able to for a couple of weeks. I don't know what is wrong but my knee has been bothering me so I'm going to get it checked out.

Sebring, Nice Job with the Grades. You did way better than me in Math. I think I got a 2.7 in that class! However in English I got a 3.7. I think you're English needs improving hahaha.

About letters, I actually did get distracted after my first non family letter. I was going into personal study after I had read it and after a few minutes, I realized that I was thinking about home. So I promised myself that I wouldn't ever think about home except when I'm reading letters. It has worked and I just hum a hymn, pray and forget home and get to the work, so don't worry about me getting distracted. In fact I almost forgot to email you today, my companion had to remind me.

About pictures I'll send you some by the end of the week (if I remember). I'll just send you a CD I think. How much would that cost (in stamps)? I made some videos a couple of days ago and I don't know if they have sound, though if they don't they will be useless. But if they do, I tried to make them fairly funny for you. My camera is really cheap and it looks like it has a mic but no speakers at all. So I don't know if there is any sound.

Conference is interesting in the MTC. I'll try to take some pictures of where we have it and our devotionals tonight (our zone sets up the chairs and stand for it). It is in the gym but we transform it twice a week. Conference in general (hahaha get it) was fantastic although my companion fell asleep for a lot of it which once again is frustrating. Oh well, we're doing a lot better probably because I expressed my frustrations in an interview with my teachers. In fact in that interview something kind of hit me. I was talking to Hermano Herrison and I said that the MTC is like drinking deeply from the well before going out into the desert. The spirit is always so strong here and we need to take advantage of it before we are in the field where we are the only source of the spirit. It's really funny because I was using that phrase before about girls hahaha. Anyways I have to go love you all.

Love Elder Sands

PS: Sorry for all of the mistakes but you'll have to deal with them. I have a time limit so I don't have time to go over it. But if you could compile a few stories and statements about the MTC that I've put in letters and give them out to people that would be great. Thank You (oh and proof read them first please)